VERIFY: Massive demand, Causing shortage at the core of U.S. firearm ammunition

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There are Conspiracy theories claiming that the government of the united states is responsible for the ammo shortage. Unprecedented demand is the actual root cause of this shortage. WASHINGTON — A Virginia gun owner told us a gun without bullets is no different from a hammer. And when the ammunition supply can’t satisfy demand, you […]

Ammo Inc. Builds a New Factory To Feed America’s Insatiable Ammo Demand

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Ammunition manufacturer Ammo Inc intends to build a new factory with the intention of solving the ongoing ammunition shortage caused by unprecedented demand for guns. While a new factory is a pleasant news to gun consumers, it just might not go online fast enough to solve this year’s problem of overwhelming demand versus limited supply […]

San Jose shooting: Guns, petrol, and 22,000 rounds of ammunition found

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Samuel Cassidy, an employee at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) site in San Jose, opened fire at the site on Wednesday for reasons not yet known. He killed himself as police closed in on him, officers said. The mass shooting was the California Bay area’s deadliest since 1993. So far this year, the […]

Shell shock: Ammo shortage bites industry

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The U.S. shortage is a result of record-setting demand for firearms in 2020 combined with pandemic-related strains on manufacturing and shipping ammo to consumers. While last year’s toilet paper panic during the sudden grip of the pandemic was a call for concern, at least it was brief. Meanwhile, in the U.S, an ammunition shortage continues […]

Sheriff says San Jose shooter had 25,000 rounds of ammunition in his home

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SAN FRANCISCO — The gunman who nursed a seething hatred of his California workplace put together an arsenal of 25,000 rounds of ammunition at hsi home. He tried to burn down his house before killing nine co-workers at a rail yard, said the authorities after searching the residence. Samuel James Cassidy’s home in San Jose […]

Alarming rise in gun and ammo sales ahead of US election

Americans are frantically buying assault rifles, body armour and ammunition. All are flying out of the door as fearful US citizens prepare for the worst even as they try to stay positive. The economy has tanked. Unemployment has spiked. Social media is filled with hate and conspiracy theories. Add a string of police killings, mass […]

Sheriff: Rail Yard Shooter Stockpiled Guns, Ammo at His Home

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The famouse gunman who killed nine of his co-workers at a California rail yard had stockpiled weapons and 25,000 rounds of ammunition at his house before setting it on fire to coincide with the bloodshed at the workplace he seethed about for years, authorities said two days after the shooting. Investigators […]