VERIFY: Massive demand, Causing shortage at the core of U.S. firearm ammunition

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There are Conspiracy theories claiming that the government of the united states is responsible for the ammo shortage. Unprecedented demand is the actual root cause of this shortage.

WASHINGTON — A Virginia gun owner told us a gun without bullets is no different from a hammer. And when the ammunition supply can’t satisfy demand, you end up with a lot of hammers on shelves and a corboard.

Step into most gun stores these days or try to buy online and you’ll be lucky to find full shelves of firearm ammo for sale. You’re more likely to find them sparse with their price tags increased by more than 100%. A year or two ago, the case was even better. That’s because the United States government and administration saw record levels of gun and ammo purchases in 2020. 

The FBI reported a huge increase of up to 40% in the amount of firearm background checks from 2019 to 2020. The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates about 8.4 million first-time gun owners which was the highest number they have ever recorded.

The trend hasn’t stopped in 2021. FBI data shows 12,452,319 background checks just in the first quarter of the year. Pandemic lockdowns, social unrest, a fraught presidential election, and an insurrection are believed to have caused spikes in gun buying habits compared to years.

Many have explained how they have seen ammo and gun shelves at Walmart empty.

Empty ammunition shelves have become a cause for anxiety for so many, and conspiracy theories started spreading on social media about the reason for the shortage. So VERIFY searched for the answers.

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