Alarming rise in gun and ammo sales ahead of US election

Americans are frantically buying assault rifles, body armour and ammunition. All are flying out of the door as fearful US citizens prepare for the worst even as they try to stay positive.

The economy has tanked. Unemployment has spiked. Social media is filled with hate and conspiracy theories. Add a string of police killings, mass COVID-19 fatalities and a bitterly contested presidential election and the outcome is a volatile rift extending through all sectors of US society.

Which is why citizens of all colours and creeds are spending up big on combat gear preparing for the worst.

Gun shops across the country are reporting they have sold out of ammunition and this is most probably their highest sell. Firearm stocks are running low. And there’s been a run on body armour, helmets, gas masks and tactical webbing, too.



A slew of studies reveals it’s a trend being seen across the US while its outcome can be seen in the streets.

Camouflage-clad demonstrators are everywhere, adding the severity of their uniforms to whatever their message may be. Their weapons stand testament to the rigidity of their beliefs and what they hope for.

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